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Track Attendance


Student attendance is fundamental to improving school culture and academic achievement. Incorporating attendance into your points and rewards system is a great place to start!

By using LiveSchool, you can easily take attendance in the app, communicate data to parents, and streamline your attendance policy for the front office.

Create an Attendance Policy

Before customizing your LiveSchool site, there are a few questions you should answer as a leadership team. At your next leadership meeting, decide:

  1. Will you reward students for attending school with points?
  2. Will you take away points for not attending school?
  3. Do teachers take attendance in every class?
  4. What time is attendance taken?

Once you have established your policies, you should write them up in a basic document or email and present to your staff.

Add To Your Rubric

Let's customize your LiveSchool site to track your attendance policy. First, click Menu and select Site.

Next, choose Edit Your Behavior Rubric

Click on the New Category button

Name the category "Attendance".

Click the New Behavior button underneath the Attendance category.

We recommend you get specific about how you track attendance when you create the behavior buttons, like: 

  1. Present 
  2. Late
  3. Absent
  4. Excused Absence

This will make your data even more specific! 

Record Attendance

When a student is absent, late or present in class teachers and administrators should track this on the behavior rubric. 

In points mode, select one or more students who are absent and click Continue

Select Absent.

Add an optional comment explaining which class the student is missing.

View Absence Data
View Absent Students

If your teachers track attendance in first period, your main office staff can pull reports in real time to enter attendance data into your student information systems! 

To pull an attendance report, click Menu and select Site.

Choose Points Logs. 

Download the log. Filter the spreadsheet to show only Absent behaviors from today's date. Now you have today's absent list!

Communicate To Parents

Attendance will be tracked on weekly reports so parents can see when and what class a student was missing. 

On a student’s weekly report, any behavior that was recorded for that student that week will be listed under the behavior history. 

Keep parents involved and informed by printing paychecks weekly! Learn how here