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Ticketed Events


Do you want to integrate financial literacy into your behavior management point system? Events are more than just rewards - they are opportunities to build positive culture in your classroom or school. Because events are bigger purchases, they can help students learn how to save up over time. Students who buy lots of snacks or supplies may not have enough points left over for the big event.

Here are just a few examples of Ticketed Events for your classroom or school:

  1. Pizza & Movie Party Order a pizza from a local restaurant and put on a movie that you know your students will love. For a free version of this event, schedule during lunch time and have students bring cafeteria food into the room.
  2. Field Trip Encourage students to save all semester or year for the big field trip. Students can purchase their own field trip ticket to the zoo or amusement park.
  3. Field Day An afternoon of outdoor sports and competitions. Make it extra fun by adding a teacher-versus-student soccer game or capture the flag!
  4. School Dance For your next school dance, have students earn and purchase their own tickets. You can also sell items at the dance, like concessions or a special DJ request!
  5. Pie the Teacher A fun way to finish up any semester. Purchase whipped cream and some pie tins and let students pie their favorite teachers and administrators.

Once you've decided what Ticketed Events you will put on, follow this article to learn how to track tickets in LiveSchool. 

How It Works 

1. Students Earn Points

Students will earn points by meeting or exceeding the behavior expectations you set on your behavior rubric. Follow our tutorial on Tracking Points to learn how to award points for good classroom behavior.

2. Market the Event

To ensure that students are excited, make sure you market the event! Think posters, morning announcements, and flyers in the carpool line. The hype around an event will make it desirable, exciting and WORTH the cost.

3. Track Tickets In LiveSchool

Use LiveSchool to see who has enough for the big event, track ticket purchases, and generate a list of students who have purchased tickets. Follow the instructions below to see how to complete these steps in LiveSchool.

Track Ticket Purchases

Add the Event to Your Rewards Menu

Add the ticketed event to your LiveSchool rewards menu so your teachers can charge students for a ticket to the event! 

Click Menu and choose Rewards

Choose the wrench icon to add a new reward.

Click New Reward

Enter the new reward name, price and description. Click Add Reward.

Note: The reward and description will appear in the parent and student app as well as to your staff. 

Your new reward will be listed in the app!

View Purchased Tickets

Use LiveSchool Filters

Use reward mode filters to see who can afford a big event and who has already purchased the event!

In rewards mode, click Filter

Find the Ticketed Event and click the blue arrow to filter.

A blue star means the student has purchased the ticket. 

A grey student button means they cannot afford the reward yet. 

To charge a student for this reward, choose an active student button.

Click Charge Reward.

The students bank account will be automatically updated. 

Create an Event List with Exports 

  1. Log into with your username and password
  2. Click Exports
  3. Export: Reward Redemption
  4. Group: By Student
  5. Roster: All Rosters
  6. Step: Overall
  7. Reward: Choose your Ticketed Event as the reward 
  8. Select the dates that you were selling tickets
  9. Click Download

You will have a list of all the students who have purchased the event!