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Class Competitions


A Class Competition between homerooms is a great way to build team spirit and excitement at school. These work because they get students and teachers rallying around a common cause – to win! In this article, we will teach you how to plan and run a classroom competition to get students working together to achieve a positive behavior goal. 

How It Works

1. Plan the Competition

Decide how you want to structure your classroom. Here are some of the big questions:

  • What is the competition for? We recommend the most points earned over a time period.
  • Is there a theme of the competition? For instance, who can get the most points for Respect
  • What is the time constraint? The competition can’t run forever – when will you decide the winner?
  • What’s the prize? Consider a special privilege like extra recess, or a special event like an ice cream party.

2. Market the Competition

Announce the competition at least a week in advance to give your team and students time to get excited. Reinforce the competition in morning announcements, parent newsletters, or on your website. Create posters explaining the important information about the competition.

Show students where their team is in the competition. Make a poster to show progress or read the latest totals over the loud speaker. Have your principal stop by classrooms and announce where a class stands. Make it special and students will get involved and invested in their team! 

3. Announce the Winner 

Announce the winner over the loud speaker or at an assembly. Communicate the runners up and offer a surprise prize for 2nd or 3rd place. For classes that didn’t win, you can still communicate their improvement as a group!

View the Rankings

When the competition period is over, pull a report from LiveSchool Exports to determine who won! 

NOTE: Before starting the competition, you will need to have marked Print Groups (your homeroom or advisory groups) in LiveSchool. 

  1. Log into with your username and password
  2. Click Exports
  3. Export: Behavior 
  4. Step: Overall
  5. By: Print Group
  6. Roster: All 
  7. Standard: All (or, select a Standard your competition is focused on)
  8. Behavior: All (or, select a Behavior your competition is focused on)
  9. Show: Positive Only 
  10. Show Associated Earnings?: No
  11. Set the date of the beginning and end of the competition
  12. Click Download

You will have a list of all classes and how many points they earned. The class with the highest number of bonuses wins!